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You may hear the term IP address as it relates to online activity. Learn how to locate your IP address or someone else’s IP address when necessary.

What Is an IP Address?

IP stands for “internet protocol.” An IP address identifies your computer or your device by an internet number in much the same way your house or apartment has a number that identifies it on your street. Your IP address enables you to have a connection to the internet by following the set protocols and specifications set up for these connections.

A common type of IP address is known as an IPv4 address. This IP address has four three-digit numbers separated by dots. Without your IP address, you can’t connect to the internet, send information or retrieve information. A newer type of IP address is called the IPv6 address. This IP address has eight separate clusters of four hexadecimal digits, separated by colons.

If you know someone’s IP address, you can discover some information. An IP address won’tepi langit show someone’s name, phone number or exact physical location, but it should reveal the general geographic area. The geographic location revealed by an IP address look-up may be very close to the user’s location, or it might be hundreds of miles away. An IP address will show the internet service provider used as well. Law enforcement typically looks up IP addresses to find ISP information. An online retailer will often use an IP look-up tool to make sure that consumers placing orders are located in the general vicinity of the mailing address associated with a credit card. An IP address can also verify someone’s general vicinity if fraud is a possibility.

How to Locate an IP Address on a Website

You have a couple of options for finding an IP address associated with a website. On a Windows operating system, open the command prompt and enter “ping” and the web address of the website. Click “enter” and your computer will search for the IP address to display it. Once you have the IP address, use an IP look-up tool to get more information. Navigate to a website such as “” and enter the IP address in the search field to see information about the general vicinity of the IP address.

What’s My IP Address?

If you’re curious about your own IP address, you can use the IP look-up tool to learn your own number. Again, navigating to a website such as “” will get you the information you want. Once on the website, the tool will detect your IP address and display the number.

Get an IP Address From an Email

If you get an email and you want to know the IP address of the sender, you can check the header to find out. Most email browsers have an option to display email headers. With an email message open, look for a setting option called “headers” or “internet headers.” Once you find it and turn it on, identifying information for the email message will display, including the sender’s IP address. Some people will modify email header information, so it’s smart to verify an IP address by using the command prompt ping process.


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