Contoh Paragraf Simple Present Tense

Sebutkan contoh paragraf simple present tens dan simple past perfect tenses

Contoh paragraf simple present tense biasa digunakan puas momen menjelaskan kegiatan sehari-perian (daily activitity) alias memperkenalkan diri koteng (introduce oneself).


Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself. My name is Umaimah Az-Zahrah, but you can call me Ima, Uma, or anything you like. I live at Perintis Otonomi Street km. 09. I live with my parents and siblings. I have 5 siblings. They are three sisters and two brothers. But, unfortunately, my older brother has passed away from an accident. My older sister studies Japan Literature at Unhas University. Meanwhile, I and my two little sisters study at high school, middle school, and elementary school. Also, my little brother studies at kindergarten. Pretty cool, huh? I love my siblings because they’re all funny and care about each other. Even though we often fight, we will immediately reconcile later. I think that’s all about my family. Thank you.


Last holiday, I went to South Korea. My brother suggested me to go there. He knew South Korea so well because he batas visited the country several times. Luckily, I had studied Korean before I visited it. The first day, I went to Gyongpo Beach. I batas never seen such a beautiful beach before I went to Gyongpo. It was amazing! This beach batas a very clean, white sand. After that, I went to the hotel. But, I was titinada able to get a hotel room because I batas titinada booked before and
I did not have any money because I had lost my wallet. So, I called my brother to and told him my problems. He told derita to go to one of his friend’s apartment. Shortly after that, someone called me saying that he had found my wallet. Thankfully, my holiday didn’tepi langit end up miserable.


Vondelpark (S.Present.T)

Vondelpark is a famous park in Amsterdam, Holland. The park has an area of ​​47 hectare. Many people come to this park everyday to picnic or study group.

Locate at Squaretown of Amsterdam and beside The Bendung canal of Amstel river.

Renovate House

I was going to Kapellen Belgium last week. I went to there because for renovated the Granma’s House. I cleaned a roofhouse with a sweep and bought some wood before winter season be started.


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