Bahasa Inggris Pendapatan Asli Daerah

Akronim Keterangan Keterangan Dalam Bahasa Inggris
ABK Anggaran Berbasis Kinerja Performance-based budgeting: Indonesia’s overall approach to budgeting, with outcomes or performance being the measure of effective budgeting
APBD Perkiraan Pendapatan dan Belanja Negeri Local government budget: drafted by local governments and adopted by a “perda” following debate and agreement within DPRDs
APBD-M Runding Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah – Murni Local government budget (in their “pure” form i.e. as approved by DPRD and not yet revised) – same as APBD.
APBD-P Taksiran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah – Peralihan Revised local government budget, as approved by DPRDs following a mid-year budget review process led by local governments
APBD-R Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah – Realisasi Realized local government budget (budget outcomes)
APBN Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara State budget: national budget drafted by central government and, following discussion and negotiation, adopted as law by the DPR
APBN-M Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara – Polos State budget (in its “pure” form i.e. as approved by DPR and not yet revised)—same as APBN
APBN-P Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara – Transisi Revised State budget, following mid-year budget review process and discussion and approval by the DPR
APBN-R Perincian Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara- Realisasi Realized State budget (budget outcomes)
BAKN DPR RI Badan Akuntabilitas Keuangan Negara, Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat, Republik Indonesia National Financial Accountability Committee of the DPR
Banggar DPR RI Badan Perincian Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia Budget Committee of the DPR: part of the DPR’s structure but it is not a Komisi (Standing Committee) (see entry for Uang below).
Bansos Bantuan Sosial Social aid (a catch-all budget line item for social welfare allocations in both APBNs and APBDs)
Bappeda Bodi Perencanaan Pembangunan Provinsi Local Development Planning Agency: local (regional ) offices of Bappenas
Bappenas Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Kebangsaan National Development Planning Agency
BBHTB Bea Perolehan Properti atas Petak dan Konstruksi Fees on the acquisition of rights to land and buildings: a line item of budget revenue
BI Bank of Indonesia Bank of Indonesia: Indonesia’s central bank
BL Belanja Langsung Direct expenditure (“development expenditure”): money spent by a work unit to implement a specific program or activity. Cf. “indirect expenditure” (BTL)
BLBI Bantuan Likuiditas Bank Indonesia Bank of Indonesia liquidity assistance
BLT Bantuan Serentak Tunai Direct cash aid: a central government subsidy for the poor to compensate for high prices of basic items like fuel
BLUD Badan Layanan Umum Daerah Local community service agency: a local government work unit charged with providing public goods & services . District hospitals (RSUDs) are sometimes classed as BLUDs.
Superior Bantuan Operasional Sekolah School operational assistance: central government funding for primary and junior secondary schools throughout Indonesia in support of the national Nine Years of Obligatory Schooling Acara
BPK RI Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Republik Indonesia Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia: Indonesia’s national audit office based in Jakarta with branch offices in every province
BPKD Tubuh Pengelola Keuangan Daerah Local government finance office: the financial management section of each local government
BPS Jasmani Pusat Statistik Central Bureau of Statistics (directly answerable to the President)
BTL Belanja Tidak Langsung Indirect expenditure: routine, administrative expenditure: the common costs incurred by a work unit in implementing the whole gamut of its programs and activities. Cf. “direct expenditure” (BL)
BUD Mangkubumi Publik Daerah Regional budget office: located throughout Indonesia and under the control of BUN (see entry below)
BUMD Bodi Usaha Milik Kewedanan Local government owned enterprise/s, set up on local government initiative, funded by local government capital and managed by local governments. BUMDs can provide such services as water supply, management of market places and provision of tourism facilities, recreation parks etc. BUMDs are generally set up as PDs by local regulation (perda). In Indonesian, they are also generically termed “kekayan wilayah yang terpisahkan”
BUMN Badan Propaganda Milik Negara State owned enterprise/s: the equivalent of BUMD at the national level
BUN Patih Masyarakat Negara State Treasury Office: under the authority of the Director-General for the Budget, Ministry of Finance
wedana regen Bupati, head of a kabupaten government: best left untranslated (“regent” in English has other connotations; “district head” is not specific enough)
BURT Jasad Urusan Flat Tinggi In-house Affairs Committee of the DPR, part of the DPR’s bureaucracy
Cadangan valas Pemerintah Cadangan valuta asing Pemerintah Central government foreign exchange reserves
CALK Catatan atas Pesiaran Keuangan Bloknot on government financial report/s: key national Audit Board documents in accountability phase of budget cycle
camat camat Camat, head of a kecamatan (see entry below)
CSO Civil society organization (same as NGO)
daerah daerah All sub-national regions/local government areas
DAK Dana Alokasi Khusus Special Allocation Fund, part of the “dana perimbangan” (see entry below) regional fiscal balance transfers system
Dana aspirasi “Aspiration funds”, budget allocations advanced to each DPR member for expenditure on developmental projects in his/her constituency, to be expended in cooperation with local governments
Dana insentif Dana insentif Fiscal transfers from the central government to local governments meeting specific criteria on sound budget management practices
Dana otsus Dana Otonomi Khusus Special autonomy funds/grants: paid to certain local governments (e.g. in Aceh and Papua) to assist with development of local autonomy
Dana Orientasi Dana Habituasi “Adjustment” funds: a fiscal transfer from the central government to regions to assist with specific development programs/activities.
Dana Neraca Dana Perbandingan Fiscal balance transfers from the central government to regions: This is Indonesia’s basic mechanism for transfer of budget support funds from Jakarta to regions. Key components are DBH, DAU, DAK, but see also entries on “dekonsentrasi”, “tugas pembantuan” and “dana pembiasaan”
DAU Dana Alokasi Umum General Allocation Fund: a key element of the “dana perimbangan” (see above) system for transfer of Central general budget support to regions
DBH Dana Bikin Hasil Revenue Sharing Fund: an element of “dana perimbangan” (see entry above) system designed to return to regions proportionate shares of central government revenue derived from regions
DDUB Dana Daerah cak bagi Urusan Bersama Local funding for joint activities (with central government)
Defisit Anggaran Daerah Local government budget deficit
dekonsentrasi Delegation of authority and funding by the Center to a region for discharge of a function not yet decentralized. These transfers do titinada form part of APBDs
DIPA K/L Daftar Isian Pelaksanaan Prediksi Departemen/Rancangan Central government ministry/agency budget implementation check list: a key document in State budget processes. Each ministry/agency produces such a DIPA each year, detailing implementation of its budget
DISP Dana Infrastruktur Media dan Prasarana Infrastructure and Public Facilities Fund: a “dana orientasi” (see entry above) program
DJPK Direktorat-Jendral Perimbangan Keuangan (Kemenkeu) Directorate-General of Regional Fiscal Balance (within the Ministry of Finance)
DPA SKPD Dokumen Pelaksanaan Taksiran Satuan Kerja Pemerintah Daerah Budget implementation document of local government departments/agencies: equivalent to DIPA K/L at national level. Each SKPD (see entry below) produces such a document each fiscal year, detailing income, expenditure and financing
DPD Kongres Daerah Regional Representative Council: the 2nd or “upper” chamber of Indonesia’s bicameral national parliament. It has no substantive budgetary role
DPDFPPD Dana Pemantapan Desentralisasi Fiskal Percepatan Pembangunan Daerah Fund to Strengthen Fiscal Decentralization to Speed up Local Development: a “dana penyesuaian” (see entry above) program
DPID Dana Penguatan Prasarana Kawasan Fund to Strengthen Local Infrastructure: a “dana penyesuaian” (see entry above) acara
DPIP Dana Percepatan Infrastruktur Pendidikan Fund to Speed up Development of Local Educational Infrastructure: a “dana penyesuaian” (see entry above) programa
DPIPD Dana Pengukuhan Infrastruktur dan Infrastruktur Distrik Fund to Strengthen Local Infrastructure and Public Facilities: : a “dana habituasi” (see entry above) acara
DPPA Dokumen Pelaksanaan Perlintasan Taksiran Revised budget implementation document, used as a basis for implementation of APBN-Ps and APBD-Ps
DPPA-SKPD Kopi Pelaksanaan Perubahan Anggaran – Ketengan Kerja Perangkat Daerah Revised local government department/agency budget implementation document (DPA SKPD): used by SKPD as basis for implementing its revised budget (APBD-P)
DPPID Dana Percepatan Pembangunan Prasarana Daerah Fund to Speed up Development of Local Infrastructure: a “dana habituasi” (see entry above) programa
DPR RI Dewan perwakilan Rakyat Republik Indonesia House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia: Indonesia’s State legislature. Its functions include examination and adoption of all money bills (including APBN and APBN-P)
DPRD Dewan perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Regional representative assembly (or local legislative assembly: a body of people’s representatives (elected for 5 years) in provinces, kabupatens and cities. Its budgetary role is to debate and eventually adopt local budgets by regulation (“perda”—see entry below). It also acts as a channel of communication between the people and the local executive (governor, tumenggung or mayor). To be distinguished from the national-level Regional Representative Council (DPD—see entry above).
DTT Dana Tidak Tersangka Unexpected funding: an important focus of Audit Board (BPK) reports on government financial management (LKPP and LKPD)
hibah Grant/s: non-repayable grant/s in money or kind: a line item of revenue and expenditure in APBNs and APBDs.
ILPPD Mualamat Laporan Pelaksanaan Rezim Daerah Local governance implementation report submitted to central government annually
Jamkesmas Jaminan Kebugaran Masyarakat Community health guarantees: directed specifically at the poor: a program funded by the central government
Jampersal Jaminan persalinan Childbirth insurance, especially for the poor: a program financed by the central government
JPS Jaringan Pengaman Sosial Social safety jala: a program administered by the central Ministry of Social Services directed specifically at the poor
Kabupaten kabupaten No counterpart word exists in English. The term refers to local government areas immediately below provinces and equal in status to cities. Numbering around 400, kabupatens are the backbone of Indonesia’s decentralized local government system. The term is best not translated (“regency” and “district” do not quite convey its meaning)
Kecamatan kecamatan No counterpart word exists in English: sub-district. Several of these administrative units make up a kabupaten or city local government area. They are not classed as “pemda” and so do titinada have APBDs or DPRDs.
Harta benda wilayah yang dipisahkan Local own source assets (a sub-item in local budgets): a catch-all term encompassing assets (including BUMDs—see entry above) owned by a pemda
KL Kementerian/Lembaga Central government ministries and/or agencies
Komisi DPR Komisi Kongres Rakyat Sectoral Commissions (or Committees) of the House of Representatives. These (currently 11) commissions mirror the work of groups of government ministries and agencies, termed their government “counterparts” (mitra); they play a key role in DPR budget discussion and approval processes.
KUA Strategi Umum Antisipasi General budgetary policies: an essential document in the budget formulation stage, detailing policies on revenue, spending & financing and other basic policy approaches. It requires DPR or DPRD endorsement before draft budgets are submitted
KUA-PPAS Politik Publik Anggaran – Privilese dan Langit-langit Anggaran General budget policies – provisional budget priorities and funding levels: a combination of KUA and PPAS (see entry below)
KUR Ponten Usaha Rakyat People’s business credit
Pengumuman audit BPK Pengumuman Audit Bodi Pemeriksa Keuangan National Audit Board report/s: key documents in the accountability phase of budget cycle
LHP Pesiaran Hasil Pemeriksaan Report of audit findings: audit reports issued by national Audit Board (BPK)
LKPD Laporan Moneter Pemerintah Kawasan Report on local government finances: an essential document in the budget accountability stage. It reports on budget outcomes for the year just past and is issued by local office of the Audit Board
LKPJ Laporan Proklamasi Pertanggungjawaban Public accountability report on budget implementation presented by local government heads to DPRDs
LKPP Laporan Moneter Pemerintah Pusat Central government financial report, reporting on budget outcomes for the year just past: important document in accountability phase of budget cycle
LPDS Lain Bukan Pendapatan Distrik yang Sah Other Lawful Local Revenue (of a provincial, kabupaten or city government): a line item of income in APBDs
LRA KL Kenyataan Realisasi Rekaan Kementerian/Gambar Central government ministry/agency report/s on budget outcomes (realized budget): a key document in accountability phase of budget cycle
LSM Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat Non-governmental organization (NGO)
musrembang Same as musrenbang (see entry below)
musrenbang Perundingan Perencanaan Pembangunan Community consultations on development planning held annually from the village level (in January) to the national level (in May). Musrenbang outcomes are part of planning phase of APBN and APBD budget cycle
musrenbangnas Musyawarah Perencanaan Pembangunan Kewarganegaraan National-level community consultations on development planning
Neraca Balance sheet/s: a document relevant to the accountability phase of the budget cycle
Nota Finansial Budget statement: policy document accompanying draft budgets at both national and local level
OMS Organisasi Masyarakat Sipil Civil Society Organization or NGO
PAD Pendapatan Ikhlas Provinsi Local Own-source Revenue: a line item of income in APBDs
PBB Dan bangunan pajak perponding dan Gedung Land and building taxes
PDB Produk Tempatan Bruto Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
PDN Pendapatan Dalam Negeri Domestic revenue at the national (APBN) level
PDRB Produk Lokal Regional Bruto Local Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a local government area
pembiayaan Financing: budget funds (either incoming or outgoing) provided for a purpose but which are required to be repaid to the budget at some time
Pemda Pemerintah Provinsi Regional, local or sub-national governments (i.e. provincial, kabupaten or city) which currently (August 2012) number just oper 524 throughout Indonesia
Pemerintah Pusat The President of the Republic of Indonesia and the governmental structure he controls
Pemekaran negeri Creation of a new autonomous region by dividing an existing region into two new entities
Pendapatan Income
Penerimaan Revenue
Penjabaran APBD Penjabaran Anggaran Pendapatan Belanja Daerah Outline of local government budget
Perda Peraturan daerah Local DPRD regulation: DPRDs have no power to pass laws (undang-undang)—which is the sole preserve of the DPR
Perda APBD Peraturan Daerah tentang Rekapitulasi Pendapatan Belanja Daerah Local DPRD regulation approving APBD: this marks beginning of implementation phase of budget cycle
Perkada Peraturan Kepala Provinsi Local head of government regulation
Perkada Penjabaran APBD Peraturan Kepala Daerah mengenai Penjabaran APBD Local head of government regulation detailing implementation of APBD: issued at beginning of implementation stage of budget cycle
PIK KL Pagu Indikatif Kementerian/Lembaga Central government ministry/agency indicative funding ceilings: circulated by circular letter as input into discussion stage of budgetary cycle
PIK SKPD Pagu Indikatif Satuan Kerja Gawai Provinsi Local government department/agency indicative funding ceilings: circulated by circular letter as input into discussion stage of budgetary cycle
Pilkada Pemilihan Kepala Daerah Local elections for a head of government (governor (in provinces), tumenggung (in kabupatens) and mayor (in cities)
Piutang kawasan Local government funds receivable: money owed and still to be repaid to a local government – a line item in local budgets.
PKH Program Keluarga Maksud Hope for Families Program
PMH Pemberantasan Mafia Hukum Eradication of judiciary mafia
PMK Ordinansi Menteri Keuangan Minister of Finance regulation
PMKAK Qanun Nayaka Buram Acuan Kerja Ministerial regulation on terms of reference for departmental work
PNBP Penerimaan Negara Enggak Pajak State non-tax revenue at the national level
PNPM Program Kewarganegaraan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat National Community Empowerment Program: a major national poverty-eradication acara funded by the central government and the World Bank with co-financing at the local government level
PP Ordinansi Pemerintah Central government regulation
PPA Plafon dan Prioritas Estimasi Budget priorities and individual programa funding ceilings, as approved by DPRD; used by SKPDs to finalize their RKA SKPDs
PPAS Plafon dan Prioritas Anggaran Darurat Interim budget priorities and funding ceilings used (but not yet approved by DPRD) by SKPDs to draft their RKA SKPD
PPKD Pejabat Aktivis Finansial Negeri Head of local government financial management office (SKPKD)
PU Pencahanan umum Public works
RAPBD Kerangka Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara Draft local government budget (APBD), submitted to DPRD at beginning of discussion phase of budget cycle
RAPBN Kerangka Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara Draft State budget (APBN), submitted to the DPR by the President at beginning of discussion phase of budget cycle
region Any negeri of Indonesia at the sub-national level, specifically local government areas (provinces, kabupatens and cities).
Remunerasi Extra remuneration (for civil servants) – a national government policy in lace from 1 Sept 2011 to 31 Dec 2012 aimed at eradication corruption in the civil service
Renja KL Rencana kerja Departemen/Lembaga Central government Ministry/Agency-specific Work Plans: a document produced by each ministry and public agency in budget planning phase, outlining work plans for the fiscal year ahead
Renja SKPD Rencana Kerja Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah Local government department/agency work plan/s: a document produced by each local government department or agency in budget planning phase, outlining work plans for fiscal year ahead
Renstra KL Rencana Politis Kementerian/Lembaga Central government ministry/agency strategic plan(s): a document produced for the budget planning phase
Renstra SKPD Lembaga Strategis Ketengan Kerja Perangkat Distrik Local government department/agency strategic work plan/s: a document produced by each local government department or agency in budget planning phase
retribusi Fees and charges for services provided (a budget revenue line item)
RKA KL Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran Kementerian/Bagan Central government Ministry/Agency Work Plans and Budgets: a document produced by each ministry and public agency for discussion phase of budgetary cycle
RKA SKPD Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran – Satuan Kerja Organ Provinsi Local government department/agency budget and work plan/s: a document produced by each local government department/agency as a basis for production of draft APBDs: it details revenue, proposed expenditure on programs/activities and financing and is a key document in discussion phase of budgetary cycle
RKP Rencana kerja Pemerintah Government-wide work plans at the central and local government level: a whole of government budget planning document produced each year and issued by Presidential or local head-of-government regulation
RKPD Gambar Kerja Pemerintah Provinsi Local government work/development plan/s: a whole of government local planning document produced each year in preparation for APBD and issued by local head of government regulation (“perkada”)
RKP Desa Rencana Kerja Pembangunan Desa Plans for village-level development, agreed on during the musrenbang process which all of Indonesia’s approx. 72 000 villages are required to hold every year: they form part of the budget planning process.
RPJM Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menegah Menengah term (5 year) development plans drawn up at all levels (from the national to the village level). RPJMs underpin “musrenbang” process and are part of planning phase of budget cycle.
RPJMD Susuk Pembangunan Jangka Menabukan Daerah Local go government medium term (5 year) development plan/s: taken into account in planning stage of APBD budget cycle
RPJP Rajah Pembangunan Jangka Tingkatan Long term development plan both at central and local government level: a budget planning document
RSUD Rumah Nyeri Umum Daerah District base hospital: located in large cities in regional areas
Kondominium aspirasi “home/s for aspirations” of the people: a form of DPR presence in regions for keeping in closer contact with community aspirations
RUU APBN Rancangan Undang-undang tentang Ancangan Pendapatan Belanja Negara Draft bill on State budget, submitted to the DPR by the President with budget statement at beginning of budget discussion phase of budget cycle
SiLPA Sempuras Kian Penggunaan Anggaran Unspent funds at end of fiscal year, carried forward to ensuing year
SIMKARI Sistem Proklamasi Manajemen Kejaksaan Republic Indonesia Attorney-General’s Department information management system
SKPD Satuan Kerja Radas Kawasan Local government work unit/department/agency
SKPKD Satuan Kerja Pengelola Keuangan Kawasan Office of local government chief financial officer or treasurer (see SKPD)
SPM Tolok Pelayanan Minimal Paling standards of service: applicable to public services pemda are obliged to provide. SPM are set at provincial level and regularly updated
Sub-national government Any local (regional) government at the provincial, kabupaten or city level
TA Musim Anggaran Financial/fiscal year: same as calendar year in Indonesia
Tipikor Tindak Pengadilan Penggelapan Criminal act(s) of corruption. There are special courts to try these cases
TMP Tidak Memberikan Pendapat “Disclaimer opinion” in Audit Board (BPK) report
TNP2K Skuat Nasional Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan National Team for Accelerating Poverty Reduction
Tugas pembantuan Co-administration: an arrangement whereby the central government co-administers not yet decentralized functions with local governments and provides the requisite funding
TW Tidak wajar “Adverse opinion” in Audit Board (BPK) report
UKP4 Unit Kerja Presiden Bidang Pengawasan dan Pengendalian Pembangunan Presidential work unit on Oversight and Control of Development
UMKM Persuasi Micro, Katai dan Menegah Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
UU Undang-undang Law/s: the passage of which is the exclusive prerogative of the DPR
UU APBN Undang-undang mengenai Taksiran Pendapatan Belanja Negara State budget law, as adopted/approved by the DPR each year at end of budget discussion phase of budget cycle
UU APBN-P Undang-undang akan halnya Anggaran Pendapatan Belanja Negara-Pertukaran Revised State budget law, as approved by the DPR each year at end of discussion phase of budget revision cycle
UU KIP Undang-undang Keterusterangan Informasi Publik Law No. 14/2008 concerning freedom of access to public information
Pengasuh daerah tingkat Mayor: head of government in city local government areas (of which there are just adv lewat 90 throughout Indonesia).
WDP Wajar Dengan Pengecualian “Qualified opinion” in Audit Board (BPK) report
WTP Wajar Minus Pengecualian “Unqualified opinion” in Audit Board (BPK) report


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